Martin Delany: Temperance Advocate

Martin Delany was an African American abolitionist and temperance supporter. 

Delaney was born in Charles Town, VA (now WV). He was the son an enslaved father and a free mother. That was in 1812.

In 1843 he began publishing a newspaper Later, along with Frederick Douglass, they published The North Star. The newspaper promoted abolition. 

Martin DelanyDuring the Civil War (1861- 65), he met with Pres. Lincoln. It was to convince him to to allow Black men to enlist. In 1865, he was appointed a major in the Union Army. Martin R. Delany became the first Black field officer in the US Army.

After the War, he worked for the Freedmen’s Bureau during Reconstruction.

Martin Delany died of TB in 1885. He was living in Wilberforce, Ohio.

These were Martin Delany’s major works.

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