Mississippi is a Dry State Although Very Slowly Changing

Mississippi was a dry state long before National Prohibition began in 1920. And it was also the first state to ratify National Prohibition. Upon Repeal in 1933, it kept its own state-wide prohibition. Later, it “reaffirmed prohibition.” Thus the state has a very long and strong temperance tradition.  So we can say that Mississippi is a dry state. It has long been one.

But local governments do have local option. That is, they can vote to permit alcohol sales within their borders. Yet the state is a dry, or at least “moist” today.

mississippi is a dry state

Mississippi is a Dry State

Yet small changes have been made. For example, it was illegal to possess any alcohol beverage in Mississippi except in a wet county. That included those simply traveling through the state without stopping. But that changed in 2020 after a law making such possession legal in dry counties.

The state also has a government alcohol monopoly for the sale of wine over 14% alcohol and also of spirits (liquor). So spirits are rum, vodka, gin, bourbon, tequila, etc. The monopolies only exist in wet areas. They severely restrict both the selection of product and service. Of course, that’s the goal of neo-prohibitionists.

                                                FUN FACTS

It’s perfectly legal to drink and drive in the state. But the driver’s BAC must remain below the legal limit.

In 2018, the state tried unsuccessfully to sue companies that directly shipped alcohol to consumers within it.