National Temperance Society and Publishing House

The National Temperance Society and Publishing House was founded in 1865. It was at the end of the Civil War. During its first 60 years it published over a billion pages. All were in support of temperance.

Its three monthly magazines had a combined circulation of about 600,000. The National Temperance Advocate was for adults. The Youth’s Temperance Banner was for adolescents. And The Water Lily was for children.

The Society also published over 2,000 books and pamphlets. This was in addition to textbooks, posters and flyers. They tended to be religious in nature.


The National Temperance Society produced a large number of books. They were both fiction and non-fiction. This is a sample.

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National Temperance Society

James Black

National Temperance Society
James Black

The Society was co-founded by James Black. He later became the first presidential candidate of the Prohibition Party. But most supporters of the National Temperance Society opposed any third party.

Other co-founding officers included Neil Dow, Henry Ward Beecher, and Horace Greeley. (Dow was also a later Prohibition Party presidental candidate.)

Joining cost $1.00 per year. For life, it was $20.00. And for life patrons it was $500.00. That was a lot of money then.

The Society was important in building support for National Prohibition.

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