Organizations Against Underage Drinking: Learn about Them

Here is a list of what appear to be grassroots organizations against underage drinking. In reality, all of these groups were organized and supported by the temperance-oriented Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. They’re part of its nation-wide program to influence alcohol policy at both the state and federal levels.

  • Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking.
  • Texans Standing Tall – A Statewide Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.
  • Louisiana Alliance to Prevent Underage Drinking.
  • Oregon Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.
  • Missouri’s Youth/Adult Alliance Against Underage Drinking.
  • National Capital Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking.
  • Minnesota Join Together Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.
  • Georgia Alcohol Policy Partnership.
  • Puerto Rico Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.
  • Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.
  • Partners to Reduce Underage Drinking in North Carolina.
  • Connecticut Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

To achieve its goal, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has devoted years to developing and funding a large network of anti-drinking organizations, institutes, centers, and individuals. In one period of about four years, the Foundation invested well over one-quarter billion dollars (about $265,000,000) in this project.

These state organizations (many would call them “front groups”) are useful in opposing alcohol at the state and local level. For example, the Georgia Alcohol Policy Partnership appeared on the scene as soon as Six Flags Over Georgia sought permission for restricted beer sale, only at certain times in its theatre and nowhere else within the entire park. The proposal resulted from consumer demand and was an attempt to stay competitive with other theme parks. Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studies have all served beer for years throughout their parks without problems

organizations against underage drinkingIn spite of this, the Georgia Alcohol Policy Partnership opposed even such limited alcohol sales. It claimed that it would lead to underage drinking. It was successful in its prohibition effort. This position appears to be motivated by a temperance agenda rather than an objective assessment of the facts. Of course, it does promote the goals of the funder, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Other parts of the Foundation’s temperance-oriented network include the

These are some of the major organizations against underage drinking. They focus on drinking itself rather than on alcohol abuse.