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Alcohol in Health Promotion (Dr. Eric Rimm of Harvard)

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Dr. Eric Rimm is Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. In this interview he describes the role of drinking alcohol in health promotion. David Hanson interviews Dr. Rimm.  Hanson– Dr. Rimm, you’ve researched the impact of alcohol on health for about a quarter century. Could you explain why moderate …

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Anti-Alcohol Bureaucrats Suppress Important Health Information

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This piece argues that anti-alcohol bureaucrats suppress positive facts about drinking in moderation. Richard Lessner is the author. He has served as editorial page editor of The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News. Yet another scientific report details the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. That’s right, the benefits of moderate drinking. But don’t expect …

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Alcohol and Healthy Ageing (Live Longer and Healthier)

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Are alcohol and healthy ageing linked? Research has found that drinking alcohol in moderation is associated with longer life. However, researchers looked at whether regular, moderate drinking improves healthy ageing. The Study: Alcohol and Healthy Ageing Researchers studied 13,894 women in the Nurses’ Health Study. They assessed them at midlife and followed them over time. Thus, they …

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