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The Road to Recovery from Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

The Road to Recovery is “a landmark national study on public perceptions of alcoholism and barriers to treatment.” Peter D. Hart Research Associates conducted it for the Rush Recovery Institute. The nationwide study surveyed doctors, employers, clergy, counselors and therapists. Also surveyed were adults with a current or recovering alcoholic in their immediate family. The …

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Three Top Alcoholism Treatment Programs to Consider

Here are three top alcoholism treatment programs to consider. We humans are all different. What works for one sometimes doesn’t work for another. So it’s important to consider diverse programs. These top alcoholism treatment programs are are all different. But they’re similar in very important ways. They all have full licenses. All hold accreditation. They …

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Alcoholism Self-Help Information and Resources List

alcoholism self-help

Alcoholism self-help is liberating. There are no meetings. No need to self-label. There are no 12 steps. No submission to any “Higher Power.” There are no demands.          Overview I.   Alcoholism Self-Help II.  Resources I. Alcoholism Self-Help Reading and following suggestions found in alcoholism self-help books makes it easier. This can …

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LifeRing for Alcoholism Recovery: Free and Effective

LifeRing for alcoholism

LifeRing for alcoholism believes in you. It believes that people DO have the power to overcome alcoholism. The program is free and also helpful for drug addiction. LifeRing believes that every alcoholic has the power to achieve lasting sobriety.  It’s hard. There are often setbacks. But in every alcoholic there exists the desire to find …

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Women for Sobriety Alcoholism Self-Help Treatment

women for sobriety

Women for Sobriety alcoholism self-help treatment. It’s a popular option. And it’s both free and effective. Women for Sobriety is a non-profit group. It helps women overcome addictions. The problem can be alcohol or other substances. It’s the only national self-help program for women only. It deals with the special needs of women in recovery. …

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Rational Recovery for Alcoholism: Low Cost & Effective Help

Rational Recovery for alcoholism is a low-cost program. It’s available through the internet as well as through books and videos. It uses cognitive therapy to help individuals achieve abstinence permanently. Rational Recovery uses sound psychological principles. So research has also shown that it works. It’s also effective for other behaviors. Rational Recovery is not a …

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