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Anti-Prohibition Groups (Wet Groups) Repeal Groups

anti-prohibition organizations

Ratification of the 18th Amendment would mean National Prohibition. Some activists opposed it. They formed anti-Prohibition groups. Yet a majority of people supported National Prohibition (1920-1933) when it went into effect. They wanted it to succeed.         Overview I.   Drys II.  Wets III. Prohibition Problems IV.  Resources I. Drys But Prohibition quickly …

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Prohibition in Idaho Caused Serious Problems

I. Promising Future Prohibition in Idaho had a promising future at first.  People had long supported temperance. They had approved state-wide prohibition in 1916. They then ratified National Prohibition. It began in 1920. People widely thought that Prohibiting would have good effects. It would reduce crime. Would improve health and decrease violence. And it would …

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Prohibition in New Hampshire: Dream to Nightmare

Prohibition in New Hampshire

Prohibition in New Hampshire was embraced by most residents. Temperance Popular Temperance had long been strong in the state. Although it was later reversed, the state had established state-wide prohibition years before the Civil War (1861-1865). After the war, U.S. Congressman Henry Blair of New Hampshire introduced a prohibition amendment to the Constitution. It was …

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Prohibition in New Mexico was Welcomed, then Rejected

Prohibition in New Mexico

National Prohibition in New Mexico seemed to have a great future. Temperance sentiment had a long history in the state. In 1917, the state’s voters approved state-wide prohibition by three-to-one. That was before National Prohibition went into effect in 1920. There were high hopes that Prohibition would reduce crime. Would improve health. That it would …

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