Parental Alcohol Problems and Childrens’ Drinking Patterns

Do young people with parental alcohol problems have different drinking patterns? That’s compared to those without parental alcohol problems.

Study: Parental Alcohol Problems and Childrens’ Drinking

Research in Denmark studied this question. It used data from the Danish National Youth Study. This is a national survey of 75,025 high school and vocational school students. They were 15-25 years old.

These were the main predictor variables.

    • Perceived parental alcohol problems.
    • Living with a parent with alcohol problems.
    • Severity of the parents’ alcohol problems.

And these were the outcome variables.

    • Non-drinking.
    • Weekly alcohol consumption.
    • Frequent binge drinking.
    • Early age of intoxication.

The Findings

parental alcohol problemsThe researchers found that young people with perceived parental alcohol problems have an earlier age of intoxication. They also so-called binge drink more often. And they drink higher quantities per week. That’s compared to young people without perceived parental alcohol problems.





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