Rehab Accreditation is Important: To Ignore It is Dangerous

Rehab accreditation is important — very important. Accreditation (ACC) shows that an alcohol or drug rehab meets basic standards. These are standards of both safety and quality. Rehab ACC is also important because it promotes continued improvement in the care provided. Thus, ACC rehabs are not only good. They continue to get even better.


I.   Rehab Accreditation

II.  Other Signs of Quality

III. Resources

I. Rehab Accreditation

rehab accreditationThe Joint Commission is the largest and most widely recognized health care accrediting agency. It continually evaluates and monitors over 200,000 health care organizations and programs. Virtually all state governments require Joint Commission rehab ACC as a condition of licensure. And also the receipt of Medicaid and Medicare..

Other ACC groups include the Commission on ACC of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The Healthcare Facilities ACC Program (HFAP). And the ACC Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

ACC is available to any rehab or program that meets minimum standards. Most facilities and programs have ACC.  So there’s absolutely no reason to settle for an unaccredited rehab.

II. Other Important Signs of Quality

Most people want a rehab or program that has these.

    • Qualified to accept insurance. Virtually all rehabs are able to receive insurance. So if one does not, that’s very big red flag.
    • Licensed by the state. Incredibly, not all are licensed. Obviously, avoid them.
    • Licensed to provide on-site detox, if needed. If it isn’t needed, being licensed to do so is another sign of quality.
    • Staffed by qualified professionals such as licensed alcohol and drug counselors (LADC). Licensed professional counselors (LPC). Certified addictions counselors (CAC). Or certified co-occurring disorders counselors (CCDP). There are many more licenses available. There’s no reason for any counselor not to have at least one such credential. So protect yourself against inexperienced and unqualified counselors.
    • Based on a philosophy with which they agree.
    • Either located nearby or in a “swimming pool state.” FL, CA, and AZ come to mind. They also prefer good physical facilities with private bedrooms, a friendly staff, and good food.
    • But accreditation is much more important than all of these combined!

III. Resources

Joint Commission.

Commission on ACC of Rehabilitation Facilities(CARF).

Healthcare Facilities ACC Program (HFAP).

ACC Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

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