Risk of Hip Fractures Reduced by Light to Moderate Drinking

The risk of hip fractures is reduced by light to moderate drinking. The alcohol can be beer, wine, or distilled spirits (liquor). 

Reducing risk is important. Hip fractures, especially among the elderly, are a common cause of disability. They also increase risk of death by 50%.

The major risk of hip fractures comes from osteoporosis and unstable gait. Moderate drinking is linked with stronger bones. Much research has also found that light and moderate drinking are linked with lower risk of hip fractures. But the risk is increased among heavy drinkers, especially alcoholics.

risk of hip fracturesMajor Study on Risk of Hip Fractures

This study analyzed data from 18 studies. Included were 3,730,424 people. The studies included those from these countries.

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Denmark
    • France
    • Japan
    • Netherlands
    • Sweden
    • U.S.

During the time they were followed, 26,168 hip fractures occurred. The researchers found a J-shaped pattern between drinking level and the risk of hip fractures. Lower risk occurred among those who had about one drink per day. (Compared to non-drinkers. They’re on the left side of the “J.”) There was no effect from drinking between one and four to five drinks daily. Having over four to five drinks daily was linked to increased risk of hip fractures.

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