Rolland Fisher: Prohibition Party Candidate

Rolland Fisher: The Prohibitionist

Rolland Fisher was the Prohibition Party candidate for vice-president of the US in 1968. His running mate was Harold Munn. They received 14,915 of the 31,783,783 total votes. That was 0.000046 percent of the total vote.

Rolland Fisher
Rolland Fisher

Prohibition Party candidates do not run for high office to win. They run to build grassroots support. The goal is the eventual return of prohibition.

There is much greater support for prohibition that votes for the Party. Currently almost one of every five adults in the United States supports prohibition. They favor prohibiting all drinking of alcohol. That is much more strict than the legal requirements of National Prohibition.

Drinking alcohol was perfectly legal under Prohibition! It was illegal to sell alcohol. Exceptions were made for religious, medicinal and other purposes. See What Did Prohibition Prohibit. It Wasn’t Drinking!

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Rolland Fisher: The Man

Fisher E. Fisher was born on June 3, 1900, in Newport, Nebraska.   He earned an A.A. from Central College (now Central Christian College) in 1920. He served three years in the US Marine Corps. Then he attended  Greenville College. Fisher later graduated from the University of Kansas in 1928.

Fisher was a Free Methodist minister. He was pastor of several congregations. They were in  the Kansas Conference of the Free Methodist Church. He was Secretary of the Kansas Conference and Treasurer of the Kansas Free Methodist Loan Board. Fisher was also editor of the Kansas Conference News Letter.

Rev. Fisher was executive secretary of the Kansas Prohibition Party in 1948-50. He then served as chair of the state Party in 1962-68. He was also was vice-chair of the Prohibition National Committee in 1963-67. Fisher ran for a number of public offices in Kansas as the Prohibition Party candidate. He also edited The Kansas Statesman. Fisher then became the Prohibition Party candidate for the vice-presidency of the US in 1968.

Rolland E. Fisher died on February 4, 1982. He was 81 years old.


Prohibition Party: Rolland Fisher