SMART Recovery: Self-Management and Recovery Training

SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training). This is a free addiction recovery support group network. It teaches self-empowerment based on scientific principles and evidence. SMART has both face-to-face group meetings and daily on-line meetings.

The recovery program helps people overcome all forms of addictions. This includes those of alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, and porn.

4-Point Program

SMART Recovery SMART helps people through its 4-Point Program. It teaches specific techniques on how to do these things.

(1) Build and maintain motivation.

(2) Cope with urges.

(3) Manage thoughts, feelings, and actions.

(4) Live a balanced and fulfilling life.


SMART offers several formats for peer-networking.

    • Face-to-face meetings.
    • Daily online meetings.
    • Online message board.
    • 24/7 chat room.


A variety of sources have supported this non-profit program.

    • Nat Inst on Drug Abuse.
    • Sub Abuse and Mental Health Serv Admin.
    • Nat Inst of Health.
    • Robert Wood Johnson Found.
    • Roxbury Found.
    • James Hervey Johnson Charit-Ed Trust.

As an effective program, SMART for alcoholism is widely recognized as a resource for addiction recovery.

SMART Recovery


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