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Wyoming Alcohol Laws: Learn Them to Avoid Problems

Wyoming alcohol laws apply both to residents and visitors. It’s easy to forget that Wyoming’s alcohol laws may be different than those in some other states. But ignorance of this fact carries no weight in court. I. Alcohol Minimum Ages Young people in Wyoming often want to work in the hospitality industry. They want to […]

Kansas Alcohol Laws: Would Carry Nation Approve?

Background of Kansas Alcohol Laws Kansas alcohol laws prohibited the sale of alcohol from 1881 to 1948. During 1971-1976, Kansas Attorney General Vern Miller raided Amtrak trains. He did so to stop them from selling alcohol. He also prohibited airlines from serving alcoholic beverages in airspace over the state. Miller insisted that “Kansas goes all […]

New Mexico Alcohol Laws: Learn the Laws & Avoid Jail

New Mexico alcohol laws apply to its  residents and visitors. Laws in the state may  differ from those visitors know. It’s good to learn  them and avoid legal problems. I. Minimum Age Laws Young  people often want part-time jobs. Hospitality provides many. Some involve alcohol. What age is needed to serve alcohol in a restaurant? […]

Utah Alcohol Laws: No Surprises in Its Alcohol Laws

Utah alcohol laws apply to the state’s residents and visitors. They are often complex. When Utah prepared to host the Olympics some effort was made to streamline them. Utah was settled in the mid-1800s by Mormons. That is, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The headquarters of the church is […]

Mississippi Alcohol Laws: Temperance-oriented?

Mississippi alcohol laws might surprise. The state has a strong temperance history. But it’s state-wide alcohol laws are in the US mainstream. Mississippi has a long temperance tradition. It had state-wide prohibition long before the rest of the country. It was the first to ratify National Prohibition. After Repeal it long kept its own prohibition. […]

Washington, DC Alcohol Laws: Constitutional?

Washington, DC alcohol laws apply to its residents. But also to those working or visiting the capital. Breaking the laws isn’t a capital offense.  But it’s still best to know them. And to follow them. I. Minimum Age Laws Young people may want part-time jobs. Hospitality has many of them. But how old must one […]

Oklahoma Alcohol Laws: Some May Surprise You!

Oklahoma alcohol laws cover alcoholic beverages in the state. Those laws of most concern to most people involve drinking. Alcohol laws vary from state to state. They even vary within each state. The result is confusion. But breaking one can cause big problems. I. Minimum Ages for Alcohol Young people may seek part-time jobs. Hospitality […]

Wisconsin Alcohol Laws: Learn about Them

Wisconsin alcohol laws express the will of the state’s residents. But they also apply to visitors. Visitors may forget that Wisconsin drinking laws may be different from the ones they know. But breaking them can cause big problems. An example. Furnishing alcohol to someone under 21 could lead to life-long effects. Conviction might prevent a […]

Nevada Alcohol Laws: Know Them? Don’t Gamble on It.

Nevada alcohol laws apply both to its residents and its many visitors. Visitors should not assume that its laws are the same as those at home. That could lead to serious problems. I. Minimum Age Requirements The tourist industry is enormous and has many jobs. Young people seeking work may want to know the ages […]

Indiana Alcohol Laws: Violate Religious Freedom?

Indiana alcohol laws surprise many people. They prohibit those under 21 from taking communion wine or wine with Seder. And they prohibit parents from teaching their offspring how to drink in moderation. They prohibit 20-year-old newlyweds from sharing a glass of wine at their reception. It’s all too easy to break alcohol laws in Indiana. […]

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