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The Best Alcohol Treatment Program: How to Choose It.

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I. How to Choose the Best Alcohol Treatment Program Here’s unbiased help for finding the best alcohol treatment program.         Overview I.   How to Choose II.  Dishonest Programs III. Protect Yourself IV.  Is Rehab Needed? V.   Advantages of Alternatives Selecting the best alcohol treatment program for you or a loved …

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Acupuncture for Alcoholism or Alcohol Dependence

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Acupuncture has been a therapeutic technique for thousands of years in China. It’s relatively new in the West. However, it’s now popular there as well. That includes acupuncture for alcoholism treatment. For this reason, it’s often offered as a treatment option. Overview Acupuncture Theory Acupuncture for Alcoholism Effectiveness Acupuncture is Popular Resources I. Acupuncture Theory …

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DWI and DUI Courts are Effective: Reduce Repeat DWI/DUI

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DUI courts are effective in reducing drunken driving. That is, driving while intoxicated or while impaired. These courts are sometimes called problem solving courts, DWI courts, sobriety courts, wellness courts, or accountability courts.         Overview I.   The DUI Problem II.  Problem is Concentrated III. DUI Courts IV. What’s Ineffective V.   …

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Leslie Keeley: “Alcoholism is a Disease and I Can Cure It”

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Leslie Keeley was an early proponent of the disease theory of alcoholism. He began promoting the idea in the 1870s.        Overview I.   Dr. Leslie Keeley II.  First Keeley Institute III. Effective Self-Promoter IV.  “Gold Cure” Competitors V.   Keeley Treatment VI.  After Leslie Keeley’s Death VII.  List of Keeley Institutes VIII. …

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Cognitive Behavioral Education & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral education (CBE) should not be mistaken for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or vice versa. Their names are similar. And their acronyms, CBE and CBT, sound almost identical. This may confuse people. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy is a highly evidence-based therapeutic approach widely used for alcoholism and drug addiction. This technique has …

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The Road to Recovery from Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

The Road to Recovery is “a landmark national study on public perceptions of alcoholism and barriers to treatment.” Peter D. Hart Research Associates conducted it for the Rush Recovery Institute. The nationwide study surveyed doctors, employers, clergy, counselors and therapists. Also surveyed were adults with a current or recovering alcoholic in their immediate family. The …

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Spiritual Help for Alcoholism: Discover Its Effectiveness

Spiritual help for alcoholism is widely used. It’s central to Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s also often used in other approaches to healing.                Overview I.   Spiritual vs. Religious II.  Effectiveness III. Resources   Alcohol has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It plays a major part …

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Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS): Save Our Selves

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) is a nonprofit network of local groups. Its sole purpose is to help people achieve and maintain abstinence. It can be from alcohol, drug addiction, or food addiction. Secular Organizations for Sobriety credits individuals for achieving and maintaining their own abstinence. SOS does not compete with any other recovery program. …

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Non-12-Step Programs and Rehabs: There are Many Choices

Almost one quarter of all alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities in the U.S. are non-12-step programs. These are the findings of a recent survey by a federal agency (SAMSHA). Overview of Non-12-Step Programs I.   Rehabs II.  Non Rehabs III. Outpatient People who prefer a non-12 step program or rehab have a wide choise. Here are …

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Women Can Control Their Drinking: How to Do It Yourself

Rarely does a book appear that is both readable and highly informative. Such a rare gem is Gabrielle Glasser’s Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink – And How they Can Regain Control. The sub-title correctly suggests the practical value of apply evidence-based approaches. Women (and men) can use them to either control their drinking or …

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