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Spiritual Help for Alcoholism: Discover Its Effectiveness

Spiritual help for alcoholism is widely used. It is central to Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s often used in other approaches to healing. Alcohol has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It plays a major part in Jewish and most Christian rites around the world today. It has and continues to contribute to followers’ […]

LifeRing for Alcoholism Recovery: Free and Effective

LifeRing for alcoholism believes in you. It believes that people DO have the power to overcome alcoholism. The program is free and also helpful for drug addiction. LifeRing believes that every alcoholic has the power to achieve lasting sobriety.  It’s hard. There are often setbacks. But in every alcoholic there exists the desire to find […]

Women for Sobriety Alcoholism Self-Help Treatment

Women for Sobriety alcoholism self-help treatment is a popular option.It is free and effective. Women for Sobriety is a non-profit organization that helps women overcome addictions. The problem can be alcohol or other substances. Established in 1976, it is the only national self-help program for women only. It addresses the special needs of women in […]

Understanding Alcoholism: Its Nature, Causes & Possible Cure

The Problem For well over half a century we have poured billions of dollars into a failed attempt at understanding alcoholism. What’s its nature, causes, and possible cure? Each promised breakthrough to understanding alcoholism has failed miserably. There isn’t even agreement on defining alcoholism. Nor is there agreement on whether or not it is a […]

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD): What Is It? Alcoholism?

Alcohol use disorder or AUD Is this just another name for alcoholism? For alcohol abuse? Exactly what is it?  To understand alcohol use disorder, it is helpful to understand the terms that came before it. Alcohol Use Disorder: Background The major authority defining such matters is the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). […]

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