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History of Beer Timelines

The history of beer is fascinating. We don’t know how people first first came to make beer. A person may have accidentally wet some grain. The grain then fermented from yeast in the environment. When humans discovered the effects of drinking the resulting liquid. Then they replicated what had happened accidentally. Nor does anyone know …

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History of Beer in the 20th Century & Beyond: Timeline

alcohol in the 1960s

The history of beer in the 20th century saw many changes. Laws, technology, scientific advancement, business organization, and many other changes occurred. They influenced brewing techniques, brewery size, drinking tastes, and drinking patterns. These changes continue today in the expansion of home brewing, microbreweries, and brew pubs.                 …

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History of Beer in Early Christianity & Beyond: Timeline

history of beer in early christianity

The history of beer in early Christianity was closely tied to the influence of the Church. The Church saw alcoholic beverages as good gifts from God. After the fall of Rome, it was Church monasteries that maintained knowledge of good brewing practices.  This is Part of a Series of Timelines History of Beer Before Christianity. …

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History of Beer Before Christianity: Timeline

beer before Christianity

The the origins of brewing were obscured long before recorded history. For the very earliest period we must use fragmentary physical evidence. But writing provides much more information about later periods in the story of beer before Christianity began. This is part of a series of timelines History of Beer Before Christianity. History of Beer …

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