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False Breath Tester Results: Caused by Many Common Things

false breathalyzer results

False breath tester results are caused by any of a number of things. A major cause of false breath tester results is acetone in the breath.     Overview I.   Acetone II.  Summary III. Resources I. Acetone Acetone in the breath is one cause of false blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results. Readings from such machines …

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Alcohol Tests (Hair, Saliva, Sweat) Are They Accurate?

holistic treatment for alcoholism

Alcohol tests of the breath estimate blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Only blood tests can actually measure it. Other tests can also estimate drinking. They include hair, saliva and sweat tests. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of these different alcohol tests.        Overview I.   Hair Alcohol Tests II.  Saliva Alcohol Tests III. Sweat Alcohol …

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Urine Alcohol Tests: How Long Can They Detect Alcohol?

alcohol guidelines fail

Companies and many others use urine alcohol tests. How long after the drinking can urine alcohol tests detect it? It depends.            OVERVIEW I.  Two Urine Tests        A. Alcohol in Urine        B. No Alcohol in Urine (EtG Test) II.  Resources I. Two Urine Alcohol Tests There …

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