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History of Beer Timelines

The history of beer is fascinating. We don’t know how people first first came to make beer. An accident probably wet some grain. The grain then fermented from yeast in the environment. When humans discovered the effects of drinking the resulting liquid, they replicated what had happened accidentally. Nor does anyone know when or where …

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History of Beer in the 20th Century & Beyond: Timeline

alcohol in the 1960s

The history of beer in the 20th century saw many changes. Laws, technology, scientific advancement, business organization, and many other changes occurred. They influenced brewing techniques, brewery size, drinking tastes, and consumption patterns. These changes continue today in the expansion of home brewing, microbreweries, and brew pubs. 1901   •The U.S. tax on a barrel …

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History of Beer in the 19th Century: Timeline

trivia about alcohol

The history of beer in the 19th century was one of innovation. The introduction of thermometers and hydrometers led to major improvements in the brewing process. The modern era of brewing began in the late 1800’s with commercial refrigeration, automatic bottling, pasteurization, and railroad distribution. 1805 Hops first cultivated in Australia. 1810 • Munich established …

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History of Beer in the 15th Century: Timeline

beer in the 15th century

The history of beer in the 15th century was a period of slow change. But there were efforts to ensure the quality of beer and ale. 15th Century •Mothers brewed ale for their children. •Commercial breweries were established in Switzerland. 1420 German brewers developed the lager method of brewing. Germans liked cold temperature lagers (bottom-fermented). …

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