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Frequent Binge Drinking Drops among U.S. Adolescents

The proportion of young people in the US who drink alcohol has been declining since 1980. Also, the amount each consumer drinks has also been going down over time. And fewer young people have been binge drinking. Now major research reports that frequent binge drinking has been dropping as well. And it’s been declining for …

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Binge Drinking: What is it? What is Binging?

What is a binge? Do we binge on TV? On food? And what is binge drinking? Is it an epidemic? What about on college campuses?          Overview I.   Background II.  Newer Definition III. Extent of “Binge Drinking” IV.  Binge Drinking Misperceptions V.   Resources I. Background To most people, binge drinking …

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Alcohol Prices and Binge Drinking: Connected?

Are alcohol prices and binge drinking linked? Could raising the price of alcohol reduce binge drinking? Heavy episodic drinking is often called binge drinking. It is a serious health risk. Especially among young people. How can binge drinking be reduced? Proposals A variety of approaches are promoted. More law enforcement. Higher alcohol prices. More alcohol …

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