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Roy Olmstead Biography: From Police Lieutenant to Major Bootlegger

Roy Olmstead was a major and highly successful bootlegger during National Prohibition (1920-1933). However, Olmstead began his career in a most unusual way. Olmstead joined the Seattle, Washington, Police Department in 1907. He quickly rose through the ranks and become sergeant in 1910. I. Officer Olmstead In 1916, Washington implemented state-wide alcohol prohibition. The next …

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Women Bootleggers and Women Prohibition Agents

women bootleggers

Women bootleggers were often very clever. A good example is the Henhouse Bootlegger. You’ll learn about her shortly. On the other hand, women prohibition agents could be very effective. You’ll discover how and much more below. I. Women Bootleggers Women bootleggers enjoyed many advantages over men. Many states had laws protecting women from search. Sometimes …

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Prohibition Bootleggers: People and Trivia  

Prohibition bootleggers numbered in the many hundreds of thousands. They supplied the strong demand for alcohol. Most were very small-time operators. But many weren’t. Of course, one of the biggest and certainly the best-known was Al Capone. Unfortunately, there are other interesting bootleggers who remain little-known. Important is the fact that they reveal some of …

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George Remus: ‘King of the Bootleggers’ During Prohibition

George Remus. A store clerk. Optometrist. Lawyer. Pharmacist. Entrepreneur. Bootlegger. Take your pick. George Remus was all of those and more. And surprise, the King of Bootleggers was even an alcohol abstainer! I. Early Life It’s an amazing story of a very bright and very hard-working man. Remus was born in Germany in 1876. As …

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