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Risk of Stroke Reduced: Drinking Alcohol (Beer, Wine or Spirits) is Protective Against Stroke

Risk of stroke is reduced by drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation. They can be wine, spirits or beer. This  is the finding of a systematic review of 26 studies. They were both cohort and case-control investigations. Ischemic stroke results from an obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. Fatty deposits line the …

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Risk of Cognitive Impairment Increased by Drinking Less Alcohol: Abstaining from Alcohol is a Risk Factor for Dementia

The risk of cognitive impairment has again been found higher among those who drink less alcohol. This study followed 1,309 women age 65 or older for twenty years. Alcohol consumption was assessed periodically for 16 years. At the end of 20 years, cognitive impairment, including dementia, was measured. Some women cut their drinking by one-half …

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