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Lifetime Alcohol Drinking and Mortality in Women with Breast Cancer

I.  Important Question Is there an association between drinking and mortality in women who have breast cancer? Investigators asked that important question. To do so, they studied over time 1,116 women who had breast cancer. The researchers identified them through the Metropolitan New York Registry. It’s a registry of women from families at high risk […]

Increased Alcohol Drinking, Heart Disease & Breast Cancer

What are the effects of increased alcohol drinking on heart disease and breast cancer among postmenopausal women? To examine this question, researchers in Denmark studied 21,523 postmenopausal women. The women were participants in the Diet, Cancer, and Health Study. During a five-year period some women increased their alcohol intake. Some decreased it. And many made […]

Male Breast Cancer Risk and Drinking Alcohol

Male breast cancer? When people think of breast cancer, they virtually always think of  it in women. But men also get the disease. Thousands are diagnosed with it in the U.S. every year. A lump beneath the surface of the nipple is the most common symptom of breast cancer in men. There may be changes […]

Breast Cancer Prevention: Drinking Alcohol

Breast cancer prevention is associated with drinking alcohol? Moderate drinking was linked to prevention of  breast cancer prevention in this study. Doctors studied two hundred and fifty breast cancer patients and 250 controls. Data collection was by face-to-face interviews. The data collected included demographic, clinical, lifestyle, diet, and drinking patterns. Drinking was categorized as follows. […]

Breast Cancer in African-American Women: Is Alcohol a Risk Factor for Black Women?

The risk of breast cancer in African-American women is slightly lower than among white women. But black women are more likely to have aggressive forms of breast cancer. They are also more likely to develop the disease at an earlier age. So, the risk of breast cancer in African-American women is more serious than for […]

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