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Alcohol in Recent Decades: 1980 to Today

The history of alcohol in recent decades will be familiar to many people. These alcohol and drinking events occurred in the decades following 1980. Perhaps you remember Billy Beer. Or either watching or hearing about 60 Minutes’ report of the French Paradox. Perhaps you remember when the federal government forced all states to establish .08 […]

History of Beer in the 20th Century & Beyond: Timeline

The history of beer in the 20th century saw many changes. Laws, technology, scientific advancement, business organization, and many other changes occurred. They influenced brewing techniques, brewery size, drinking tastes, and consumption patterns. These changes continue today in the expansion of home brewing, microbreweries, and brew pubs. 1901   •The U.S. tax on a barrel […]

History of Beer in the 19th Century: Timeline

The history of beer in the 19th century was one of innovation. The introduction of thermometers and hydrometers led to major improvements in the brewing process. The modern era of brewing began in the late 1800’s with commercial refrigeration, automatic bottling, pasteurization, and railroad distribution. 1805 Hops first cultivated in Australia. 1810 • Munich established […]

History of Beer in the 18th Century: Timeline

The history of beer in the 18th century is largely one of innovation. The industrialization of beer began with the invention and development of the steam engine. Greater attention was also focused on improving brewing methods during the century. 1700-1730 Housewives in the northern colonies of what is now the U.S. brewed beer every few […]

History of Beer in the 17th Century: Timeline

The history of beer in the 17th century was one of modest change. Improved transportation meant that beer could be shipped to as far as the New World. There were also both legal changes and technical innovations. 17th Century Beer brewing was one of the earliest industries in colonial North America. Cultivation of hops began […]

History of Beer in the 16th Century: Timeline

The history of beer in the 16th century was one of very high consumption by today’s standards. It was also a period of increased regulation. The goal of such regulations was to ensure purity of beer, income of workers, fire safety, and high tax revenues. It wasn’t to reduce consumption. 16th Century In Coventry, the […]

History of Beer in the 15th Century: Timeline

The history of beer in the 15th century was a period of slow change. But there were efforts to ensure the quality of beer and ale. 15th Century •Mothers brewed ale for their children. •Commercial breweries were established in Switzerland. 1420 German brewers developed the lager method of brewing. Germans liked cold temperature lagers (bottom-fermented). […]

History of Beer in Early Christianity & Beyond: Timeline

The history of beer in early Christianity was closely tied to the influence of the Church. The Church saw alcoholic beverages as good gifts from God. After the fall of Rome, it was Church monasteries that maintained knowledge of good brewing practices. With the Renaissance came geographic discoveries and the beginnings of science. Change was […]

History of Beer Before Christianity: Timeline

The the origins of brewing were obscured long before recorded history. For the very earliest period we must use fragmentary physical evidence. Fortunately, writing provides much more information about later periods in the history of beer before Christianity began. Beer Before Christianity Cir. 10000 BCE1 Discovery of late Stone Age beer jugs demonstrates that intentionally […]

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