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Anti-Alcohol Sentiment: “The Atlantic” Has It

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The following article by Dr. Alex Berezow. It’s reprinted by permission of the American Council on Science and Health. In it, he points out fallacies of an Atlantic anti-alcohol article.   Completely banning alcohol would only prevent about 3.5% of cancer deaths. That, of course, means the other 96.5% of fatal cancers are caused by things other …

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Alcohol and Lung Cancer: Is Drinking a Risk Factor?

alcohol and cancer risk

Is drinking alcohol a risk factor for lung cancer? That is, does drinking increases the chance of getting the disease? No. Drinking alcohol and lung cancer are not linked. That’s the conclusion of these medical groups. Nat Cancer Inst. Am Cancer Soc. Nat Health Serv (UK). Cancer Coun Australia. Am Soc of Clin Oncology. Canadian …

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Drinking Alcohol and Gallbladder Cancer Risk: Information

Alcohol and gallbladder cancer are not linked. So drinking alcohol is not a risk factor for the disease. So say Cent for Disease Control and Prev(CDC). The Nat Health Service of the UK (NHS). The Am Cancer Soc. Cancer Research UK. These and other major groups conclude a simple fact. That alcohol doesn’t increase the …

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Drinking and Prostate Cancer Risk. Research Evidence

Are alcohol drinking and prostate cancer linked? If so, how? Prostate cancer is by far the most common cancer in men. And it’s the second leading cause of cancer death. Study: Drinking and Prostate Cancer Risk Researchers studied alcohol drinking and prostate cancer risk. To do so, they used data from 11,372 males in the …

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Alcohol and Health: Medical Facts for Health & Long Life

abstainers try drinking

What do we know about alcohol and health? We know is that moderate drinkers tend to have better health. That’s compared to either abstainers or heavy drinkers. They also have fewer heart attacks and strokes. They’re also less likely to have many other diseases. They also tend to live longer. And beer, wine and distilled …

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Risk of Endometrial Cancer Reduced by Drinking Alcohol

The risk of endometrial cancer (EC) is lowered by moderate drinking. Study The study looked at drinking and risk of EC. It followed 68,067 women who were age 35-59 at the start of the study. Doctors did  for 30 years. They also measured the women’s alcohol drinking during that time. Doctors found a total of …

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Breast Cancer in African American Women: Alcohol Not a Risk?

alcohol and breast cancer

The risk of breast cancer in African American women is slightly lower than among white women. But black women are more likely to have aggressive forms of breast cancer. They are also more likely to develop it at an earlier age. So, the risk of breast cancer in African American women is more serious than …

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