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Legal Drinking Ages around the World – You’ll be Surprised!

Legal drinking ages around the world vary greatly. Most such laws apply only to drinking alcoholic beverages in public. The only countries with a minimum legal age for consuming alcohol at home are England and Wales. They prohibit drinking below the age of six.                      OVERVIEW …

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Amethyst Initiative: College Presidents Lead in Reducing Alcohol Abuse

The Amethyst Initiative is a group of college and university presidents across the US. They promote public discussion about the unintended consequences of current alcohol policies. This includes the minimum legal drinking age of 21. Amethyst Initiative presidents  invite new ideas on how best to prepare young adults to make responsible decisions about alcohol use. …

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Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Says International Expert

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Lower the Legal Drinking Age Interview with Dr. Ruth Engs The minimum drinking age continues to stir controvers. However, the minimum legal drinking age should be lowered says expert Dr. Ruth Engs. She’s Professor Emeritus of Applied Health Sciences at Indiana University in Bloomington. Dr. Engs is interviewed by David J. Hanson. Hanson– Dr. Engs, …

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Legal Drinking Age: Science vs. Ideology Battle Continues

Debate over the legal drinking age continues. It’s largely between scientific findings and ideological beliefs. Some Assumptions Underlying current minimum age laws are the assumptions of American prohibitionism. Drinking alcohol is dangerous and undesirable. Consuming any amount  of alcohol is equally undesirable. Moderate social drinking is the forerunner of alcoholism. Drinking typically results in problems. According …

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