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College Alcohol Amnesty Policies (“Good Samaritan” Policies)

College alcohol amnesty policies for students are becoming wide-spread. They help protect the health and safety of students. In addition, they help protect colleges from expensive legal suits.                Overview I.   What is College Alcohol Amnesty? II.  Harm Reduction III. Legal Risk IV.  Short List V.   Reading …

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DWI and DUI Facts and Fiction: Urban Myths, Urban Facts

Many myths surround the subject of DWI and DUI. (Other initials are sometimes used in states.) Scientific facts are used to correct some of those myths. It’s fun to discover DWI and DUI facts and fiction. Share them with your family and friends!   DWI and DUI Facts and Fiction Myth: Sucking on pennies will …

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Drinking and Driving Solutions: Reducing Drunk Driving.

Drinking and driving while either impaired or drunk is dangerous. Drivers with high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) are at much greater risk of traffic crashes. Thus more injuries and deaths.      Overview I.   The Problem II.  Facts III. Possible Preventions       A. Solutions       B. Possible Solutions     …

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Innocent Drivers Harmed

false breathalyzer results

Unreliable breath tests unjustly harm innocent drivers. Strict enforcement of DWI and DUI laws is essential. It increases public safety and reduces needless injuries and deaths. But we must prevent innocent drivers from unreliable breathalyzer tests. Unreliable breathalyzer tests can provide falsely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results. In fact, these devices don’t actually measure …

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