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Drunk and Drugged Driving (Important Similarities and Differences)

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Drunk and drugged driving are often seen as essentially the same. For example, December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. That makes sense in that they are similar in many ways. But they’re also very different in many important ways. One is that drunk driving continues to drop. But drugged driving is rapidly …

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Detecting Drugged Driving (“Science” Convicts Innocent Drivers)

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More drivers have drugs in their bodies than alcohol. That’s according to the U.S. National Traffic Safety Administration. And it’s supported by state and federally-funded research, among others. The drugs may be legal or illegal, prescription or street drugs. But they all pose a threat to traffic safety. Therefore, it’s important to improve our detecting …

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We Save Lives: Drugged, Distracted, and Drunken Driving

We Save Lives educates the public and policy makers about the dangers of the 3D’s. These are  Drugged, Distracted, and Drunken driving. It is led by the pioneering founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Candy Lightner. We’ve made great progress in reducing alcohol-related traffic fatalities since 1980. That’s when Ms. Lightner began raising public awareness of …

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Drugged Driving: A Major, Widespread Problem

Drugged driving. Is it really a problem? The dangers of driving while intoxicated have been widely understood for 35 years. But the dangers of drugged driving remain almost totally unrecognized. This leads to the needless deaths of thousands of people each year in drugged driving-related crashes. The problem is not simply that of illegal drug …

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