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DUI Trends in the U.S.: Driving Under Influence of Alcohol

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What are the DUI trends in the US? (DUI is driving under the influence of alcohol. Often defined as DWI or similar initials.) It’s dropped greatly since 1980. But it remains a major problem. That’s because even a single DUI death is a needless tragedy. I. The Study Researchers wanted to measure DUI trends over …

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Judges Arrested for Drunk Driving: Shoe’s on Other Foot

Judges arrested for drunk driving are all over the U.S. As one jurist said, judges wear robes, not capes. They’re human. Perhaps most judges arrested for drunk driving act politely. But in some cases they act very inappropriately when police pull them over. And even more outrageously when an officer arrests them. Learn what to expect …

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Stopped for Drunk Driving? What to Expect, Do, and Not Do

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Here’s a general overview of what you may expect if you’re stopped for drunk driving. Sometimes the charge is DWI (driving while intoxicated). It also applies to DUI (driving under the influence). The terms vary from state to state as well as the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to which they refer. And some states use …

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Wyoming Alcohol Laws: Learn Them to Avoid Problems!

This page will help you understand Wyoming alcohol laws and avoid expensive fines or even jail. Not to mention time and embarrassment. Wyoming alcohol laws apply both to residents and visitors. It’s easy to forget that Wyoming’s alcohol laws may be different than those in some other states. But ignorance of this fact carries no …

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DWI and DUI Courts are Effective: Reduce Repeat DWI/DUI

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DUI courts are effective in reducing drunken driving. That is, driving while intoxicated or while impaired. These courts are sometimes called problem solving courts, DWI courts, sobriety courts, wellness courts, or accountability courts. New Mexico established the first DUI court in the US in 1995. Now, there are many hundreds. That’s because of the effectiveness …

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Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers: What You can Do

There are many ways to protect yourself from drunk drivers. Defensive driving can help save your life if faced with a drunk driver. Avoid injury or death from such drivers by being on the lookout for anyone who appears impaired. I. Signs of drunk driving commonly include any of these. Turning too wide. Driving in …

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Kansas Alcohol Laws: Would Carry Nation Approve?

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Background of Kansas Alcohol Laws Kansas alcohol laws prohibited the sale of alcohol from 1881 to 1948. During 1971-1976, Kansas Attorney General Vern Miller raided Amtrak trains. He did so to stop them from selling alcohol. He also prohibited airlines from serving alcoholic beverages in airspace over the state. Miller insisted that “Kansas goes all …

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14 Tips to Avoid a DWI or DUI Conviction: Fines, Jail, More!

Avoid a DWI or DUI conviction. These 14 tips can save you thousands of dollars. The costs of even a first time DWI conviction are very high. That is, if there is no crash. Of course, the costs of additional convictions skyrocket. Learn how police detect impaired drivers. Many of these driving behaviors would be …

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