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Alcohol Songs (Beer, Wine, & Liquor or Spirits in Music)

Alcohol songs can be about alcohol, can be drinking songs, or may include lyrics about drinking. There are over 600 here. They represent many genres. How many of the songs do you recognize? Most alcohol songs have titles beginning with a letter. These are in alphabetical order. But a few begin with a number. Those …

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Alcohol in Art (Paintings) From Ancient Times to Today

alcohol in art

Even the earliest humans made and enjoyed art. And early humans also enjoyed drinking alcohol. For instance, the evidence shows that humans have made alcohol for at least twelve thousand years. Thus, both alcohol in art have a long history.           Overview I.   Ancient Period II.  Christian Period III. Dawn …

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Temperance Songs Promoted Temperance Through Music

women and temperance

Temperance songs were very important to the temperance movement. In the 19th century the world was a very different place. There was no TV, movies, radio, personal computers, and no internet.       Overview I.   Background II.  Alphabetically by Author III. By Date IV.  Discover More I. Background Temperance songs were very popular …

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Speakeasy Bars List: Arranged by State & City in U.S.

A speakeasy bar is a legally conducted prohibition-themed bar. Speakeasy bars have become have very popular. This list of speakeasy bars is arranged by state and city. Most have websites that provide addresses and other helpful information. AL Birmingham Speakeasy Tuscaloosa Speakeasy. AK Anchorage Blues Central. SpeakEasy Williwaw. AZ Carefree The Speakeasy on Easy Street. …

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Movies about Prohibition, Speakeasies, & Bootleggers

movies about prohibition

Films show us how we see ourselves, our society and our past. So movies about Prohibition reflect how we see that period. Its speakeasies, moonshine and bootleggers. But they also influence how we view that past. Was it exciting? Glamorous? Corrupt? A noble experiment? Or a foolish fiasco destined for disaster? Discover movies about Prohibition …

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