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Alcohol and Gallstones Risk: Moderate Drinking Reduces Risk

alcohol and gallstone risk

Many people are concerned about drinking alcohol and gallstones risk. Gallstones are hard bits from bile (digestive fluid) that can occur in the gallbladder. That’s a small organ just below the liver. Yet gallstones can be very painful if they cause blockage of bile by lodging in a duct. Thus, people want to reduce their …

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Drinking Alcohol and Gallstone & Gallbladder Disease Risk

Alcohol and gallstone disease. Are they related? Yes. Drinking alcohol reduces the risk of gallstone and gallbladder disease.             Overview I.   Research II.  Gallstone Disease III. Gallstone Disease Risks IV.  Resources V.   References I. Research on Alcohol and Gallstone Disease Here is some of the research. • Researchers …

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