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Tequila: Myths, Terms, Resources, Brands, and Much More!

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I. Tequila: What is It? Tequila is a distilled beverage from the fermented sugars of the blue agave (agave tequilana weber azul). Producers must make it in the Mexican state of Jalisco or in a few other specific areas of the country. And from agave grown in those areas. Agaves that grow in the highlands …

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Rum Terms, Trivia, Resources & More Information about Rum


Here it is. Rum terms, trivia, and even more information about rum. Learning rum terms will help you enjoy and describe your specific beverage preferences. You can also learn rum trivia to amaze your family and friends. It’s fun! I. Rum: What is It? Distillers produce rum from only sugar cane or sugar cane by-products. Some …

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Beer Terms & Terminology: Words About Beer, Brewing, and Enjoying Beer

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Beer terms are fun to know. But they’re important to understanding and describing the beers you enjoy. And knowing beer terms is essential if you want to brew your own beer. For liquor (distilled spirits) words, visit Liquor Terms. Words about wine are at Wine Terms. For words about  alcohol and drinking, see Alcohol Glossary. …

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Wine Terms: Words Associated with Wine – Its Production & Enjoyment

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Wine terms are fun to know. But they’re important to understanding and describing the wine you enjoy. And knowing wine terms is essential if you want to make your own wine. For words about liquor (distilled spirits), visit Liquor Terms. You’ll find words about alcohol in general at the Alcohol Glossary. If you like history, you might …

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Liquor Terms: Words Associated with Distilled Spirits.

Liquor terms are here. You’ll find helpful definitions and and descriptions. In short, a liquor glossary. Knowing liquor terms can help you understand, appreciate, and describe specifically what you like. For words about alcohol in general, visit Alcohol Glossary. If you like history, you might enjoy the Alcohol and Prohibition Dictionary and Glossary. It’s chock full …

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