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Alcohol Medical Emergency Amnesty at Colleges and Universities

Amethyst Initiatiative

Alcohol Amnesty Alcohol medical emergency amnesty policies at colleges and universities are to save lives. They give a higher priority to protecting students’ safety and lives than to enforcing alcohol rules. Hundreds of colleges and universities have medical alcohol emergency amnesty policies. Clemson University implemented such a policy after a major tragedy. The existence of an …

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College Alcohol Amnesty Policies (“Good Samaritan” Policies)

College alcohol amnesty policies for students are becoming wide-spread. They help protect the health and safety of students. In addition, they help protect colleges and universities from expensive legal suits. I. What is College Alcohol Amnesty? These Good Samaritan policies are designed to protect the health and lives of students who over-consume alcohol. If they …

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Alcohol Amnesty Policies (Medical Amnesty) Save College Student Lives.

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College Emergency Alcohol Amnesty Policies College policies for medical emergency alcohol amnesty are widespread. They place protecting the health and safety of students as a college’s very highest priority. These policies have one primary goal. It’s to protect the health and lives of students who over-consume alcohol and need medical help. It assuring them that …

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Harm Reduction: HAMS Harm Reduction for Alcohol & Drugs

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HAMS harm reduction is effective in reducing alcohol and drug problems. This is important. Many people find AA, NA, and other 12-step meetings to be embarrassing. They’re also time-consuming and, worst of all, generally ineffective. The good news is that there are effective alternatives. One that is based on both scientific and practical evidence is …

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