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Avoid an OUI in Maine (5 Things You Need to Know about OUI)

To avoid an OUI in Maine, you should know at least these five things. I. OUI in Maine It’s a crime to drive a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. Legally, the crime is called operating under the influence, or OUI in Maine. In many states this is called a DUI or DWI. For adults age …

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Maine Law: First State Prohibition in U.S.

In 1846, Maine passed the first state-wide law in the U.S. prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages. Only alcohol made for industrial or medicinal use could legally be sold. But it was not the famous Maine Law. I. Maine Law In 1851, the Maine Law went into effect. It was officially titled  ‘An Act for …

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Maine Alcohol Laws and Maine Lobster Laws (Alcohol Laws Here!)

Maine alcohol laws cover state residents as well as visitors. The state takes both its alcohol laws and its lobstering laws seriously. It’s much easier to accidentally break an alcohol law than a lobstering law. So it’s more important to learn about Maine alcohol laws than its lobstering laws. I. Minimum Age Laws Many young people …

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