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Fifteen Gallon Law: A Temperance Alcohol Prohibition Effort

The fifteen gallon law was passed by Massachusetts in 1838. It was intended to prevent the sale of distilled spirits (liquor) in retail outlets. Anyone who bought alcohol had to buy at least 15 gallons. An exception was made for doctors and pharmacists. Patients needed to be able to buy smaller quantities for medicinal use. …

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Prohibition in Massachusetts: Dream became Nightmare

Prohibition Welcomed The state had been among the very first to ratify National Prohibition. For decades the abolition of drinking had been touted as the solution to the nation’s problems. That included poverty, ill-health, crime, violence and other ills. On the eve of its implementation, most Bay Staters were optimistic. The dream of Prohibition in …

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Massachusetts Alcohol Laws: Learn The Law – Avoid Problems!

This page will help you understand Massachusetts alcohol laws and avoid expensive fines or even jail. And both time and legal costs. Massachusetts alcohol laws apply both to residents and visitors. Even residents may not know how alcohol laws could affect them. And visitors may falsely think they know the state’s laws. Courts don’t excuse …

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