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Minimum Age for Bartending: Bartender Age Laws by State

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What is the minimum age for bartending? Most U.S. states permit adults to tend bar in on-premises venues. That is, people age 18 to 20. Below is the minimum age for bartending in each state. I. Background A “bartender” is a person who dispenses alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, “server” refers to a waitperson. …

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Minimum Age to Serve Alcohol Beverages in On-Premises Venues

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What’s the minimum age to serve alcohol in on-premises venues? That is, places where the alcohol is consumed. In 37 states and D.C. laws permit adults to serve alcohol in such places. Of course, adults are people at least 18 years old. Only three states require a server to be age 21. One state permits …

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College Alcohol Amnesty Policies (“Good Samaritan” Policies)

College alcohol amnesty policies for students are becoming wide-spread. They help protect the health and safety of students. In addition, they help protect colleges and universities from expensive legal suits. I. What is College Alcohol Amnesty? These Good Samaritan policies are designed to protect the health and lives of students who over-consume alcohol. If they …

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