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Parents Giving Alcohol to Their Teens Reduces Drinking

Alcohol Abstaining is Dangerous

Young people get their alcohol from many sources. Rarely is it from stores. Most often it’s from their parents and other adults, friends, or siblings. Parents giving alcohol is very common. Many believe that parents giving alcohol to their own children reduces alcohol abuse. They think it’s important to teach moderation by being good role …

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Parental Alcohol Problems and Childrens’ Drinking Patterns

Do young people with parental alcohol problems have different drinking patterns? That’s compared to those without parental alcohol problems. Study: Parental Alcohol Problems and Childrens’ Drinking Research in Denmark studied this question. It used data from the Danish National Youth Study. This is a national survey of 75,025 high school and vocational school students. They …

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Parental Supply of Alcohol and Alcohol Consumption Later

alcohol pre-loading

Children whose parents serve them alcohol are more likely to drink full servings by age 15 or 16. But they are much less likely to have over four or drinks on an occasion. (This is sometimes called binge drinking.) Also they generally have fewer drinks per occasion. In short, parental supply of alcohol is protective …

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Children, Alcohol and Parenting: What Should Parents Do?

Alcohol and parenting is a debated subject. What’s the best thing for parents to do? What can they legally do? The subject of alcohol and parenting is surrounded by conflicting beliefs and opinions. And also by a high degree of emotion. The good news is this. Research provides useful answers. This can guide us parents. …

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