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Geography of Alcohol and Drinking (Discover the Unexpected)

The geography of alcohol is a fascinating subject. The spatial arrangement of activities is important. It can provide important insights. It can point out the unexpected. And also guide public alcohol policy.       Overview I.   Geography of Alcohol Related Traffic Crashes II.  Geography of Drinking More III. Critique of Drinking More IV. …

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What’s a Speed Trap? How to Fight Them!

Many people ask what’s a speed trap. And also if it’s any different from strict enforcement. But there is a difference. What’s a speed trap and what’s strict enforcement is based on intent.              Overview I.   Speed Trap Basics II.  Speed Trap Techniques III. How to Fight Them   …

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Dry Counties: Prohibition Counties in the US Today

Dry counties are those that forbid the sale of alcoholic beverages in some form. Hundreds of dry counties exist across the US. And about 18,000,000 people live in dry areas. Thus, about 6% of the the people in the US live in the roughly 10% of the area that is dry. The U.S. repealed National Prohibition in …

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Speakeasy Bars List: Arranged by State & City in U.S.

A speakeasy bar is a legally conducted prohibition-themed bar. Speakeasy bars have become have very popular. This list of speakeasy bars is arranged by state and city. Most have websites that provide addresses and other helpful information. AL Birmingham Speakeasy Tuscaloosa Speakeasy. AK Anchorage Blues Central. SpeakEasy Williwaw. AZ Carefree The Speakeasy on Easy Street. …

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Prohibition Places Associated with Temperance History

Prohibition (1920-1933) was a major national event. Prohibition places linked with temperance are found across the country. Perhaps you live in or near one of these prohibition places. A number of places have temperance fountains. They reflect the belief was that if people had water to drink they would be less likely to drink alcohol. …

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Whiteclay, NE: Prohibition Promoted Alcohol Sales


Until a few years ago, Whiteclay, NE had the highest per capita alcohol sales in the US. The village has only 10 residents. Yet its four beer-selling stores sold about 4,500,000 cans per year. That’s over 1,200 12-ounce cans per resident per day. Beer sales equaled over a quarter million dollars per resident per year. …

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South of the Border Attraction in SC: Prohibition Made It!

South of the Border

South of the Border is a large tourist attraction in South Carolina. It’s very close to the southern border of North Carolina. Hence, its name. It’s south of the border. But how did prohibition lead to its existence?     Overview I. The Story A. Good Advice B. Beer Ban Helps C. Law Based on …

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