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Speakeasy Bars List: Arranged by State & City in U.S.

A speakeasy bar is a legally conducted prohibition-themed bar. Speakeasy bars have become have very popular. This list of speakeasy bars is arranged by state and city. Most have websites that provide addresses and other helpful information. Alabama Birmingham Speakeasy Tuscaloosa Speakeasy. Alaska Anchorage Blues Central. SpeakEasy Williwaw. Arizona Carefree The Speakeasy on Easy Street. …

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Prohibition Places Associated with Temperance History

Prohibition (1920-1933) was a national phenomenon. Therefore, prohibition places associated with temperance are found across the country. Perhaps you live in or near one of these prohibition places. A number of places have temperance fountains.  They reflect the quaintly naive belief was that if people had water to drink they would be less likely to …

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Whiteclay, NE: Prohibition Promoted Alcohol Sales


Until recently, Whiteclay, Nebraska had the highest per capita alcohol sales in the U.S. The village has only 10 residents. Yet its four beer-selling stores sold about 4,500,000 cans per year. That’s over 1,200 12-ounce cans per resident per day. Beer sales equaled over a quarter million dollars per resident per year. And some years …

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