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To Say Alcohol is a Solvent is a Misleading Statement.

“Alcohol is a solvent” is a misleading statement. It’s often part of an effort to stigmatize alcohol and frighten people into abstaining. Of course, other solvents include water, olive oil, vinegar, milk and almost all other liquids. Naturally, temperance-oriented writers ignore this important fact. So it’s correct to say that alcohol is a solvent. However, …

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Deaths During Prohibition: Government Poisoned Alcohol!

deaths during prohibition

Deaths during Prohibition? Government poisonings? How could that be? There was widespread support for National Prohibition (1920-1933) when it began. In fact, many states already had state-wide prohibition before 1920. In general, people both wanted and expected the Noble Experiment to be a success. I. The Promise Temperance advocates promised that National Prohibition would usher …

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