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Drinking in Pregnancy Beneficial to Children if Light?

alcohol and child development

Is drinking in pregnancy beneficial to the children born? Could light drinking actually help children? If so, should pregnant women drink a little? The Research Researchers used a nation-wide sample of infants born in the UK. The infants were part of a larger study. That project followed the health of children born in a two-year …

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Alcohol During Pregnancy: Effects of Drinking May Surprise You

drinking during pregnancy

Alcohol during pregnancy is a major societal concern. It’s clear that heavy alcohol drinking by pregnant women increases the risk of negative effects on the fetus. These include premature birth, small size, and low birth weight. The most serious such possible effect is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). But much less is known about the possible …

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Abortions and Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

The Sun-News in Australia reported on scare tactics used to discourage drinking during pregnancy. Experts warned that such tactics can lead women to have abortions. Abortions and drinking alcohol is a serious problem. Abortions and Drinking: Scare Tactics Lead to Abortions Scare tactics were abandoned in the Province of Quebec in Canada. That was after …

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Planned vs Unplanned Pregnancy and Drinking Alcohol: Important Facts

Is there any difference between planned and unplanned pregnancy and drinking during early pregnancy? Pregnancy and Drinking Alcohol Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center studied this question. They studied 5,036 women. All were in the Right from the Start program. The doctors had the women’s demographic, reproductive, and behavior data. That included alcohol drinking patterns. The …

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Drinking While Pregnant and Later Child Growth

Study: Drinking While Pregnant Drinking while pregnant and its effects on the size of infants at birth has been studied in earlier research. This study examined the link between drinking while pregnant and children’s height and weight from birth to age 10. Data came from 7,597 mother-child pairs. Occasional or light daily drinking while pregnant …

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Drinking During Pregnancy: What are Its Effects?

mothers against drunk driving

Moderate drinking during pregnancy. That’s an important subject. Yet emotion tends to run high. At the same time, people generally have few facts.        Overview I.   Research Study II.  Emotional Subject III. Major Problem IV.  Resources I. Research Study To learn more, doctors studied 4,496 women. They followed the women throughout their pregnancies …

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