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Prohibition Party – The Oldest Third Party in U.S.

I. Background. The Prohibition Party of the United States began in 1869. Before the Civil War (1861-1865) temperance groups had promoted voluntary abstinence from alcoholic beverages. The  War diverted national attention to more pressing matters. Subsequently, the temperance movement wayned. Moral suasion had proved to be both difficult and frustrating. So after the War, temperance […]

Prohibition National Committee of the Prohibition Party

The Democratic National Committee governs the Democratic Party. The Republican National Committee governs the Republican Party. And the Prohibition National Committee governs the Prohibition Party. That political party was formed in 1869 and continues  to exist today. Current Status The current status of the Prohibition Party is unclear. A small faction of the Prohibition Party […]

Claude A. Watson: Prohibition Party Candidate

A National Leader Claude A. Watson was a national leader of the prohibition movement. He  was Prohibition Party candidate for vice-president of the US in 1936. Next, he was the Party’s presidential candidate in both 1944 and 1948 During the 1944 election he asked why the president denied him approval for wartime air flight. After […]

Aaron Watkins: Major Prohibition Party Leader

Temperance leader Aaron Watkins (1863-1941) practiced law with his brother. He was later ordained as a Methodist minister. Watkins held Ohio pastorates in the Methodist Episcopal Church. They were in Cairo, Cincinnati, Columbus Grove, Continental, Delta, Edgerton and Germantown. Also in Lima, Linwood, North Baltimore, Ottawa, Van Wert, Waynesville, Wesley, and Winton Place. Prohibitionist Aaron […]

Robert P. Shuler: Highest Prohibition Vote-Getter

“Fightin’ Bob” Shuler Robert P. Shuler  was the Prohibition Party candidate who received the highest vote of any prohibition candidate ever. In the 1932 California election for US Senate he received 560,088 votes (25.8%). He carried  Orange and Riverside counties. Following his defeat, Rev. Robert P. Shuler ‘placed an awful curse’ on Southern California”Fightin’ Bob” […]

Mark Shaw (Mark R. Shaw): Prohibitionist

Mark Shaw was born January 22, 1889 and died June 4, 1978. He was a strong supporter of temperance and Prohibition. Shaw was a leader in the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association. During the time of his leadership it was the second-largest college student movement in the US. Later, Mark Shaw was the Prohibition Party candidate for […]

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