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Prohibition serves as an excellent example of a public policy based on hopes and desires rather than on logic and common sense. Every proposed policy should always be examined in terms of its possible unintended outcomes and every existing policy should be examined an evaluated in terms of its effectiveness and absence of undesirable unintended consequences.

Benefits of Prohibition were Many, but Rarely Recognized

It’s generally argued that National Prohibition of alcohol was a failure. But there were some benefits of Prohibition. Here are a few. Some of the Benefits of Prohibition 1. Women’s Empowerment The temperance movement gave chances for women to develop organizational skills. Also leadership and political skills. See Women Leaders of Temperance to learn more. …

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Prohibition in America: Timeline

National Temperance Council

The temperance movement began as a smoldering fire. Then it became a bonfire. During the 20th century it grew into a rageing forest fire. It finally led  to Prohibition in America (US). At first, local areas and a few states voted for their own prohibition. But the pace quickened early in the 20th century. By …

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Women Leaders of Temperance and Prohibition in the U.S.

women leaders of temperance

The women leaders of temperance and prohibition worked hard to promote their vision of a better world. They believed that temperance would lead to better family life. To stronger morals. To improved behaviors. And to greater prosperity.          Overview I.   Background II.  Women Leaders III. Other Noteworthy Women IV.  Resources I. …

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