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Wine Quiz: Test Your Knowledge about Wine – It’s Fun!

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The wine quiz has twelve true-false questions. See how much you know about wine. (The answers to the wine quiz are at the bottom of the page.) Wine Quiz 1. Red grapes can make white wine. True or False? 2. Wines get darker as they age. True or False? 3. Poor soil tends to produce …

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Liquor Quiz about Distilled Spirits. It’s Fun!

This short liquor quiz is about distilled spirits. That’s whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, bourbon Scotch, and other spirits beverages. How much do you know about spirits? More than your friends? Take this short liquor quiz and find out! Liquor Quiz 1. Distilled spirits contain a. cholesterol b. carbohydrates c. fat d. None of the above …

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Beer Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Beer?

This beer quiz is fun to take. How well can you do on it? And how well can your friends do on it? The answers to the beer quiz are at the bottom of the page. Hope you do better than your friends. But it’s not fair to peek at the answers! Beer Quiz 1. …

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Alcohol Facts Quiz: How Many Answers Do You Know?

Take this quick, fun Alcohol Facts Quiz. Then try some of the questions on your friends. See if they know the answers. These are the questions of the Alcohol Facts Quiz. The answers follow the list of questions. Have fun! Alcohol Facts Quiz Questions of Alcohol Facts Quiz 1. The higher the educational level, the …

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