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Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Great Drinks: Delicious and Fun

Non-alcoholic drink recipes can make delicious beverages for the whole family. They’re also a great option for those who choose not to drink alcohol. Designated Drivers will also appreciate a host’s thoughtfulness in providing attractive beverage choices. (Incidentally, many states permit parents to serve alcohol to their children of any age. There is much evidence …

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Alcoholism Self-Help Information and Resources List

alcoholism self-help

Alcoholism self-help is liberating. There are no meetings. No need to self-label. There are no 12 steps. No submission to any “Higher Power.” There are no demands. I. Alcoholism Self-Help Reading and following suggestions found in alcoholism self-help books makes it easier. This can help people either abstain or drinking in moderation. Most of the …

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Control Your Drinking: Tools to Drink in Moderation

Want to control your drinking? Controlling Your Drinking: Tools to Make Moderation Work for You is a practical guide. It’s also for those who want to stop drinking. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is the major alcohol agency in the U.S. Its research shows that many alcoholics learn to lower their drinking. …

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