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Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Great Drinks: Delicious

Non-alcoholic drink recipes can make delicious beverages for the whole family. They’re a great option for those who choose not to drink alcohol. Designated Drivers will also appreciate a host’s thoughtfulness in having attractive beverage choices. (Many states permit parents to serve alcohol to their children of any age. There is much evidence that parental …

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Alcoholism Self-Help Information and Resources List

alcoholism self-help

Alcoholism self-help is liberating. There are no meetings. No need to self-label. There are no 12 steps. No submission to any “Higher Power.” There are no demands.          Overview I.   Alcoholism Self-Help II.  Resources I. Alcoholism Self-Help Reading and following suggestions found in alcoholism self-help books makes it easier. This can …

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Control Your Drinking: Tools to Drink in Moderation

Want to control your drinking? Controlling Your Drinking: Tools to Make Moderation Work for You is a practical guide. It’s also for those who want to stop drinking.          Overview I.   Control Your Drinking II.  Options III. Resources Using behavioral self-control training, the book provides specific, proven alternatives to the abstinence-only approach. …

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