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History of Liquor: Distilled Spirits Timelines

history of liquor

The history of liquor is a fascinating one. Its origins are unclear. But most think people first distilled alcohol around the 13th century AD. And there’s no proof it occurred earlier. History of Liquor Wine can occur with no human help. And beer can brew with little human involvement. But distilling alcohol can’t. It requires …

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Liquor Trivia: Fun Trivia about Distilled Spirits – Enjoy!

Liquor trivia is fun! Liquor trivia is about distilled spirits. That’s whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, rye, bourbon Scotch, etc. Discover liquor trivia about your favorite drinks. Then share the fun with your friends.          Overview I.    Beverages II.   Drinks III.  Famous People IV.   Words V.    Laws & Taxes …

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