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Alcohol Exclusion Laws and DWI/DUI Traffic Crashes

redistributing alcohol-related deaths

I. Background Alcohol exclusion laws were passed in the late 1940s. They were to discourage people from abusing alcohol. This saves insurance companies money. That’s because they can deny alcohol-related medical claims. These claims could include traffic-related or any other alcohol-related injury. But there was great hope that they would reduce drunk driving.(1) The logic …

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Mississippi Alcohol Laws: Temperance-oriented? Discover the Truth!

mississippi is a dry state

Mississippi alcohol laws might surprise. The state has a strong temperance history. But it’s state-wide alcohol laws are in the US mainstream. Mississippi has a long temperance tradition. It had state-wide prohibition long before the rest of the country. It was also the first to ratify National Prohibition (1920-1933). After Repeal it long kept its own …

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