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Temperance Organizations Around the World: Timeline

Temperance organizations around the world are listed by date of founding. All are non-governmental (NGOs). However, branches of international organizations are not listed. There are three sections of information.   I. Temperance Organizations around the World.  II. Index of Temperance Organizations by Location. III. Resources for More Information Want more information about specific temperance organizations […]

Liquor in the 15th Century: History of Distilled Spitits Timeline

The history of liquor in the 15th century was one of gradual advance. Distilled spirit was generally flavored with juniper berries. The result was known as junever. That’s the Dutch word for ‘juniper.’ The French changed the name to genievre. The English changed to ‘geneva.’ They then modified it to ‘gin.’2  Russians liked their grain […]

World Alcohol and Drinking History Timeline: Beer, Wine & Liquor (Distilled spirits)

This drinking history timeline shows major event in alcohol and drinking around the world. It presents them over the past 12,000 years in chronological order. Background Humans have used alcohol for thousands of years. It has provided needed nutrition and caloric value. This helps explain the frequent lack of nutritional deficiencies in some populations even […]

Alcohol in the Middle Ages, Dark Ages, or Medieval Period

Alcohol in the Middle Ages spanned hundreds of years. The Middle Ages are also the Dark Ages or the Medieval Period. Alcohol in the Middle Ages The Middle Ages refers to a period of almost one thousand years. It’s between the fall of Rome (476) and the beginning of the Renaissance (1300). With the fall […]

Alcohol During the Renaissance: 15th & 16th Centuries

The consumption of alcohol during the Renaissance could be moderate to heavy. However, drunkenness was a sin. The Renaissance (‘rebirth’ or ‘revival’) refers to the period from about 1300 to about 1600. During that time there was a revival of knowledge, art, architecture and science. It began in Italy and spread throughout the rest of […]

Alcohol in the 17th Century: Age of Discovery: Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits

Alcohol in the 17th century experienced change. It was the Age of Discovery. European countries were rapidly expanding their exploration of the world. They made not only geographic discoveries, but material discoveries as well. Alcohol in the 17th Century From the end of the sixteenth century, distilled drinks existed throughout the West.’1 The Dutch came […]

Alcohol in the Mid-20th Century: 1934 to 1979

The story of alcohol in the mid-20th century was tame compared to earlier in the century. Here we look at the period from 1934 to 1979. By 1930, an economic depression had begun around the world. In the U.S., National Prohibition had been under increasing attacks by those who wanted to repeal it. The desire […]

Alcohol in the Early 20th Century: Temperance & Prohibition

Alcohol in the early 20th century saw dramatic changes.  The growth of the temperance movements developed rapidly. This was both in the U.S. and around the world. Prohibitionists believed that a world without beverage alcohol was an attainable goal. The growth of the Progressive movement in the U.S. was significant. It held that governments could […]

Alcohol in the 19th Century: Emergence of Temperance & other Major Events

Alcohol in the 19th century is largely the story of emerging temperance sentiment. Temperance thought began emerging during the 1800s. Following the Revolutionary War, the rapidly growing industrialization, urbanization and social change caused serious problems. Alcohol and temperance became the focal point of a cultural war between different life styles and values. There was small […]

Alcohol in the 18th Century: European Expansion

Important events impacted alcohol in the 18th century. European countries expanded their activities establishing colonies around the world during this period. In addition, there were important scientific  discoveries, political revolutions, and social developments. Alcohol in the 18th Century The popularity of alcohol in Europe as a medicine was very high throughout the century.1 Alcoholic beverages […]

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