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Alcohol During the Renaissance: 15th & 16th Centuries

The consumption of alcohol during the Renaissance could be moderate to heavy. However, drunkenness was a sin. The Renaissance (‘rebirth’ or ‘revival’) refers to the period from about 1300 to about 1600. During that time there was a revival of knowledge, art, architecture and science. It began in Italy and spread throughout the rest of …

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Alcohol in the 17th Century: Age of Discovery

history of alcohol and drinking

Alcohol in the 17th century experienced change. It was the Age of Discovery. European countries were rapidly expanding their exploration of the world. They made not only geographic discoveries, but material discoveries as well. Alcohol in the 17th Century From the end of the sixteenth century, distilled drinks existed throughout the West.’1 The Dutch came …

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Alcohol in the 18th Century: European Expansion

Important events impacted alcohol in the 18th century. European countries expanded their activities establishing colonies around the world during this period. In addition, there were major scientific discoveries, political revolutions, and social developments. Alcohol in the 18th Century The use of alcohol in Europe as a medicine was very high throughout the century.1 Alcoholic beverages …

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Alcohol in Recent Decades: 1980 to Today

alcohol in recent

The history of alcohol in recent decades will be familiar to many people. These alcohol and drinking events occurred in the decades following 1980. Perhaps you remember Billy Beer. Or either watching or hearing about 60 Minutes’ report of the French Paradox. Perhaps you remember when the federal government forced all states to establish .08 …

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Alcohol in Antiquity through the Ancient Greeks

beginnings of wine

Alcohol in antiquity helped create the base of civilization. Humans have made alcoholic beverages since long before recorded history. Anthropologists suggest that humans may have first settled in specific places to cultivate the ingredients of beer. It may have preceded bread as a staple. Alcohol in antiquity provided both nutrition and needed calories. It was …

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