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Distilled Spirits Timelines

The history of liquor is a fascinating one. Its origins are unclear. But most historians believe people first distilled alcohol around the 13th century AD. Speculations about possible earlier development are just that… speculations. Wine can develop with no human intervention. Beer can brew with little human involvement. But distilling alcohol requires an understanding of …

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World Alcohol and Drinking History Timelines

This drinking history timeline shows major event in alcohol and drinking around the world. It presents them over the past 12,000 years in chronological order. Background Humans have used alcohol for thousands of years. It has provided needed nutrition and caloric value. This helps explain the frequent lack of nutritional deficiencies in some populations even …

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History of Beer Timelines

The history of beer is fascinating. We don’t know how people first first came to make beer. An accident probably wet some grain. The grain then fermented from yeast in the environment. When humans discovered the effects of drinking the resulting liquid, they replicated what had happened accidentally. Nor does anyone know when or where …

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History of Wine Timelines

Beginnings People have used wine since long before recorded history. Much about the earliest history of wine is hidden in the darkness of time. But archaeology and analytic chemistry have shed light on some of the origins of wine. The history of wine goes back at least 12,000 years. But we know many of the …

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Temperance Timelines

Prohibition Party

Even the term temperance¬†has had a strange history. It began with the clear meaning of temperate or moderate. So temperance activists called for not drinking excessively. Among other things, that meant not drinking distilled spirits. That view was based on a myth. They thought spirits were “stronger” than beer and wine. In reality, ¬†standard drinks …

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