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Alcohol Drinking by Youth Continues to Drop in Western World

Chart: High school seniors who have ever consumed alcohol

The popular belief is that there is a drinking is rising among young people. In fact, alcohol drinking by youth continues to drop. Research in more prosperous parts of the world shows “solid evidence” of less drinking by young people since 2005. In fact, surveys in the US and some other countries shows drops in …

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Frequent Binge Drinking Drops among U.S. Adolescents

The proportion of young people in the US who drink alcohol has been declining since 1980. Also, the amount each consumer drinks has also been going down over time. And fewer young people have been binge drinking. Now major research reports that frequent binge drinking has been dropping as well. And it’s been declining for …

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Drinking by Students Dropping to Historic New Lows in U.S.

Drinking by students and other young people continues to hit new lows. In fact, it has been for dropping for decades. Yet most columnists, commentators, and journalists repeatedly suggest the problem is rising. And rising fast. So most people think that student drinking is increasing. Not only that, but they think that alcohol-related problems are …

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