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Reduce Underage Alcohol Abuse In Creative Ways: Here are 7

Our society uses many techniques in efforts to reduce underage alcohol abuse. (This includes alcohol abuse by those of legal age but still young.) A few are effective, but most are not. And there’s no silver bullet. Therefore, we must continue examining additional possibilities. Here are some creative ways to try to reduce underage alcohol …

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Alcohol Enforcement ABCs at University of Virginia

This editorial on alcohol enforcement from The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia. Posted by permission of the Editor. Alcohol Enforcement is Important Alcohol is part of the University experience. Frat parties, bar hopping and tailgating before football games. These are as collegiate as classes and exams. Then there’s alcohol enforcement. Yet it caught …

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Under-Age Drinking Laws: Legal in Most States in US

Under-age drinking laws often surprise people. In most states they permit those under 21 to drink. The places and situations differ. People commonly think that it’s illegal for anyone in the US under 21 to drink alcohol. But that’s simply not true. This myth about under-age drinking laws intimidates many parents. They’re afraid to teach …

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Youthful Drinking Drop Hits New Lows in U.S.

Chart: High school seniors who have ever consumed alcohol

The youthful drinking drop in the US has reached a new low. The federal government conducted a nation-wide survey. Its findings? Underage drinking during the previous month among 12 to 17 year olds dropped 34% in a recent ten-year period.. Underage drinking  hit record historic lows. It did so for all measures of consumption. This …

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